Is your Osteopathic Manual Practitioner safe? Do they provide high quality osteopathic care? Are they a member of a legitimate osteopathic professional association? What do you look for?



All NEW members of the OOA have the following minimum education standard

  • 4 years of osteopathic education at minimum
    • there are no shortcuts to professional standards, accelerated program cut corners.
  • 4200 hours of total education minimum in those 4 years
  • 1000 hours of Supervised Practical Training
    • in a dedicated clinical environment that is insured and supervised by Professional Osteopathic Manual Practitioners


All members of the OOA meet the following minimum professional standard

  • Hold valid malpractice and liability coverage
  • Adhere to OOA Standards of Practice
  • Comply to laws of Ontario
  • CLEAR Vulnerable Sector Screening Police Check
  • Satisfy annual Continuing Education Requirements
  • Completion of Mandatory Safety & Ethics training
  • Ethics & Red-Flags recertification
  • Fraud Prevention Education



The OOA maintains high membership standards with scrutiny

  • Complaints Policy & Procedures in place to protect Patients
  • Anti-Fraud rules in place to protect Insurance Providers
  • Member verification on website
  • Verified physical location
  • Legitimate Legal Representation
  • Legitimate Legal Representation
  • Comprehensive Bylaws & Standards of Practice
  • Educational Institutional Audits by Independent third party education evaluators
  • Entrance Exam to confirm educational outcomes of approved institutions


Partner with the OOA to ensure patients are safe and well cared for.