Board of Directors – A list of individuals who are active professional members who are in good standing, and proactive in the promotion of the Ontario Osteopathic Association and Osteopathy within Ontario.

Ontario Osteopathic Association Professional Members: Map
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Professional Members – A list of professional members who have satisfied the educational requirements and competency standards set forth by the Ontario Osteopathic Association and therefore recognized as a Member of the Registry of Osteopathic manual practitioners. All Professional Members post their OOA certificates within their main office along with a dated official seal issued annually to ensure competency and accountability to patients. The list also provides a cross reference for insurance companies to ensure credibility of the osteopathic manual practitioner and accuracy of contact information on OOA standardized receipts for prompt reimbursement of claims. Osteopathic coverage varies between insurance providers. Please check your individual policy if you are interested in osteopathic treatment.

Associate Members – A list of associate members.